Real Estate Sales

The key objective of an investor or owner occupier is to maximise the sale value and capital gain of their property investments(s), whether it be the principle of residence or their property investment portfolio.

Seek Property Group specialises in property sales through its diverse client network, both internally (DeLuca Partners) and externally through our affiliated real estate partners as well as both private and business investors.

Seek Property Group’s sales strategy encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Sales and Marketing plans with increased exposure via our conjunctional sales approach with our qualified and preferred sales partner(s)
  • Market assessment and evaluation of the properties value on the following basis:
    • ‘As is’ basis
    • Highest and best use STCA
    • Lease rent reversion and expiry profile (WALE)
  • Stakeholder management – Open communication and written reports.
  • Commitment and focus to delivering our client expectations and outcomes

Real Estate Leasing

An investment property is underpinned by the security, continuity and the financial capacity of a ‘Tenant’. Consequently, in real terms the biggest expense to a landlord is the vacancy of the investment property (i.e. no income to offset holding costs and building expenses.).

Seek Property Group’s leasing strategy encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Retention of existing tenants, through proactive communications with the tenant and understanding their current and future business operational needs.
  • Pre-Leasing strategy – Ensuring that the property is well presented and reflective of comparable properties in the market and aligned with tenants expectations.
  • Leasing & Marketing plans with increased exposure via our conjunctional leasing approach with our qualified and preferred leasing partner(s).
  • Lease pricing matrix & profile outlining the key commercial terms and incentives.
  • Tenant profiling to establish key drivers and objectives in achieving their leasing/property requirements.
  • Lease negotiations and lease instructions to solicitors
  • Project Management – tenant fitout(s)
  • Tenant information Guide – Lease roles, responsibilities, obligations, rental payment details and operational requirements of the property.
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